Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had Joshua just a cheesing at me this morning. You know how that goes though, the camera is always two seconds too late. I did get one picture of him smiling though. He is really starting to show his personality now. He is 100% happy most of the time. He does not like to be left in a room by himself. He loves his Mommy!! He is very sweet and cuddly and I love him more every day.
Last night we finally went to church. I was going to wait until Sunday but I couldn't stand it anymore. Something happened that made me a bit heartbroken. Ofcourse when we came in all was about Joshua. Everybody huddled around. I turned around and looked for Allie. She had that little look on her face like, "O well, nobody cares about me." She even pooched her lip a little bit and sat down by herself. She had a book in her hand and I went and scooped her up and told her I wanted to read her the book. A big ole smile came on her face and I read her the book while squeezing her as tight as I could. Don't worry, after church it was all about Allie again and she got plenty of attention. I mean, how can you not love that child to pieces! She is priceless!

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Dianne said...

DANG! We planned to go to church last night but Charles was tired, so we stayed home. I'd have loved to be there for your and Joshua's debut AND to hear Elder Dan.

The Lord willing, and those dried up creek beds don't fill up and "rise", I'll see you Sunday. And, must say, I am so looking forward to it.

Allie is going to find herself, Dana, in her new role, as being much more important than she was being THE child. She's now BIG sister and the OLDEST and has SO much responsibility she won't have time to feel slighted. Your making that special Allie & Mommie time will always remind her how important she is.

May God bless you all to pieces.